Farming is always an exercise in optimism. What doesn't work one year may be an absolute success the next. You can either fight Mother Nature or partner with her. As a farmer, you learn to adapt. Our farm has transitioned from growing only raspberries to growing a variety of small berries along with our raspberries.

Our goal is to be able to offer fresh berries all summer. To accomplish that we have chosen a mix of heirloom annuals and heirloom perennials. We choose the varieties we do because they are not the kinds of berries the large growers produce for travel across the country to the local supermarket.

Not many people realize the nutritional value of rhubarb. High in antioxidants and vitamin C, it ought to be considered a super food. The rhubarb variety we grow is an old time rhubarb, deep red and tart Springtime taste.

You can read more about our berry & rhubarb farming operation here.

You just can't get a good melon around here anymore, so in 2015 we started growing them. Adams County seems to have a great climate for melons. Who knew? The melon varieties we choose are ones you won't find at the local supermarket, or even a specialty market.

You can read more about our melon farming operation here.


We offer sweet berries that are the best you are ever going to taste. If they aren't sweet, we don't bring them to market. Our berries sell out fast, but we try to bring as many as we can pick! Offered in pint baskets:

STRAWBERRY - (Spring).

CAPE GOOSEBERRY - (late Summer).

GROUND CHERRY - (late Summer).
WONDERBERRY - (late Summer).

We also produce jam from many of these berry types.
You can read about our "Dam Good Jam" here.


So far, the melons we have offered at market have been unusual and best of all sweet! We have offered varieties: Petit gris Rennes, French Cherentais, Halona, Jenny Lind, Alvaro, Prescott Fond Blanc, Sugar Bites, Tasty Bites. All have been well received.

Planted in early Spring our melons start to become available in mid to late Summer. Offered for sale only at market individually mid to late Summer.

Melons for the Passionate Grower


Rhubarb is a pretty plant in the garden, it's deep green and the leaves are huge supported by beautiful red stalks. It's one of the first plants to emerge in Spring. High in antioxidants and vitamin C, it ought to be considered a super food.

The rhubarb variety we grow is an old time rhubarb with a tart Spring time taste. We bring trimmed stalks in rubber banded bunches in Spring. We also produce rhubarb jam. You can read about our "Dam Good Jam" here.


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